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Book Review: Elegy

"Elegy" by Amanda Hocking(Watersong #4)

Publication Date-August 6, 2013

Genre-Young Adult, Fantasy, Mermaids, Romance

Hardcover Edition-542 Pages

Rating-4.5/5 Lily Pads

Would I Recommend It? Yes, it is a great conclusion!

No Spoilers!!

Favorite Quote:

"For the first time, Harper truly realized that she couldn't fight Gemma's battles. She would help her every chance she got, and she'd always have her back. But some things, Gemma would have to take care of herself."

Hey there, I'm back with another review. Today I am reviewing the final book in the "Watersong" series, "Elegy". I finally finished this series. I started the "Watersong" series three or four years ago and I'm so glad I finally finished it. Let's get on with the review. 

The Plot-5/5

This book was a lot more plot driven than the last book "Tidal". It was mostly about trying to figure out how to break the curse, and there was some drama. 

The Writing-5/5

As always I love Amanda's writing, so I'm giving it a perfect rating. 

The Pacing-5/5

The pacing in this book was absolutely amazing and intense. This book was very action-packed and I was never bored even though this book is over 500 pages. The last 100 pages were so intense, it was hard for me to put the book down and go to bed because every chapter ended on a cliffhanger. 

The Cover-5/5

All of the cover's in this series are amazing and I really like this one so it gets a perfect rating from me. 

The Characters-5/5

The Character development in this series is amazing. I love all of the main characters. They felt like real people to me. I love the sisterly bond with Gemma and Harper, and the romances in this series are awesome because I love both guys. Like I said in my last review, I'm not gonna go in depth about the characters because I describe them more in my review for "Wake". 

"Elegy" was an amazing conclusion. Everything wrapped up so well. There was one death in this book that sort of crushed me but oh well, someone has to die in a battle right? There was a really sweet moment in the epilogue that made me so happy but I'm not going to spoil you. My Overall rating for this book is 4.5 Lily Pads because while I loved this book and thought it was a great conclusion, I didn't think it was worth a 5. My overall rating for this whole series is probably a 4.5 because I really enjoyed this series but it's not a favorite series of mine. I have lots of other favorite series and I didn't think these books were amazing enough to be on my favorites list. However, I had a lot of fun reading these books and I highly recommend this series if you love books about Sirens and Greek Mythology. These books are worth a buy and I would possibly reread this series someday. Anyway, that's my review. Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more coming soon. Happy reading! :)

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