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Book Review: To All The Boys I've Loved Before

"To All The Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han(To All The Boys #1)

Publication Date-April 15, 2014

Genre-Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Hardcover Edition-355 Pages

Rating-4.5/5 Lily Pads

Would I Recommend It? Yes!

No Spoilers!!

Favorite Quotes:

"Please, Peter. I know her well and so do you. Well, I did know her well. But I don't think people change at the core. They are who they are."-Page 109

"You need to relax, Lara Jean. Life doesn't have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen."-Page 120

Hey there, I'm back with a review. Today I am reviewing "To All The Boys I've Loved Before". I read Jenny's "Summer I Turned Pretty" Trilogy years ago and loved it, it's one of my favorite series. I knew I had to read this book also since everyone on BookTube raves about it. I was also drawn to this book because the main character is Korean which is awesome because I love Asians. I loved this book and I'm so glad I finally read it. Let's get on to the review. 

The Plot-5/5

I loved the plot of this book. I don't understand why everyone describes this book as a mystery because the love letters are sent out. That's not what the main plot is even about, it's just a minor part of the book. The real plot is about  Lara Jean in her Junior year of High School and she pretends to date Peter K. who is one of the popular guys at her school. The fake-dating trope is one of my favorite tropes to read about so when I heard that trope was in it, it made me even more excited to read the book. I had to give the plot a perfect rating. 

The Writing-5/5

Jenny Han is one of my favorite authors so I have to give her writing a perfect rating because she's an amazing writer. 

The Pacing-5/5

The pacing was absolutely perfect in this book. It was never slow or boring. I was captivated by everything that happened in the book. 

The Cover-5/5

I love the cover. I noticed that Jenny's book covers are all white or at least have white on them. This cover perfectly describes the book so I had to give it a perfect rating.

The Characters-5/5

I really liked the characters in this book. Jenny is great at making very likable characters. I loved Lara Jean, she is such a refreshing character. I can relate to her a lot. She's really close to her family and I love that family is the most important thing to her. I love that she's not really outgoing and she's never had a boyfriend because I can relate to that. She has a lot of quiet hobbies and she's very artistic. She also bakes a lot. I don't understand why everyone thinks she's childish, I didn't think she was at all. She's very sweet and kind hearted, I just really liked her as a protagonist.I loved Kitty and Margot too. Kitty is so cute and mischievous and I love Margot even though she can be too serious and judgemental sometimes. I liked her friend Chris, she was nice. Honestly, I'm still not sure how I feel about Peter yet. I didn't love him in the beginning, he was kind of a jerk and selfish but he did grow on me throughout the book. I like him more now but for some reason I don't love him yet. Hopefully I'll like him more in the second book. As for the romance, I liked their relationship but there wasn't enough romance in the book for me to actually have an opinion. It was mostly fake-dating so a lot of it wasn't real. I was a little disappointed in Peter's confession though. He admitted he liked her but it wasn't a big confession like you see in romance books. I guess I'm too much of a hopeless romantic, haha. I really liked Josh, he is a good guy. I've heard great things about John and I can't wait to see him more in the next book. Lara Jean's family were definitely the best part of the book for me, I loved them. I can't wait to read more about the Song girls in the next book. 


I actually read this book pretty fast, it was a fun, cute book. There were some dark parts of the book but it wasn't a depressing book at all. It was a happy, lighthearted book. I really enjoyed myself while reading it and it was so easy to get lost in the book. 

My overall rating is 4.5/5 Lily Pads. I originally gave this book a 5 but I thought it over and decided to give it a lower rating because I really liked this book but I didn't love it. It was a great book though.  I actually buddy read this book with my friend Rachel at
We had a great time reading it and she loved it too! We're planning on buddy reading the second book at the end of July so it will be a couple weeks until I read the next book. I'm really excited to see what happens. This book is definitely worth a buy and if you haven't read her Summer trilogy yet what are you waiting for? You need to read it! That's my review. Thanks so much for reading. I'll have another review up soon so stay tuned. Happy reading! :)

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